IMI Florida Academy is the first IMI Academy Facility located in the United States

Established in 2018, with the mission to provide advanced training to law enforcement, military, and security industry professionals by enhancing the human factor through advanced methods and skills derived from the Israeli Military and Homeland Security Experience.

IMI Florida Academy has identified the fundamental core values which set the foundation of our corporate and academic culture.  We feel these core values embody the critical elements of PROFESSIONALISM in our industry.  They not only define us as an organization, but set a standard for the way we work within the organization, with stakeholders, and with industry partners.

Our corporate culture represents a COMMITMENT to the work ethic which helped shape America as a leader in business.  The INTEGRITY required of our team assures fair and ethical business practices.  Our PASSION for the security industry is evident in the respect we afford our industry partners.

Our academic culture reflects the flat organizational structure which has allowed Israel to become a nation of first responders.  This structure elevates staff ACCOUNTABILITY and streamlines the decision-making process.  This allows our instructors enhanced coordination and speed of communication in the promotion of VIGILANCE and SAFETY.

IMI Academy Israel is a leading integrated solutions provider for government agencies, police, law enforcement, military and commercial customers worldwide for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training.

Established in 1999 by veterans of the Israeli security forces, IMI Academy specializes in a wide range of comprehensive homeland security training programs, including security, anti-terrorism and anti-crime. It is a subsidiary of IMI Systems, a government-owned company.

IMI Academy draws its strength from the accumulated knowledge of Israel’s security establishment. Its modern facilities, highly-experienced instructors, range of courses and seminars have positioned the IMI Academy as a model organization of its kind.

Fields of training activity:

  • Security: VIP close protection security, installation and critical infrastucture security, identification of suspicious persons and objects, special event security planning, KRAV-MAGA, “Red on Blue” exercises and operational driving

  • Counter-Terrorism: prevention and response, tactical shooting, close quarter combat ("KRAV-MAGA") and TacMed

  • Police & Law Enforcement: incident response, border patrol, crime scene management, crime prevention, K9 unit and intra-agency collaboration

  • Information Security: enterprise security management and risk assessment, cryptography, software and operating system security and Business Intelligence (BI)

  • Crisis Management: emergency preparedness, critical national infrastructure, urban and corporate security, public transportation security and loss prevention planning

  • Search & Rescue: day and night search and rescue scenarios, structural collapse, rescue of trapped persons, K9 unit and operation under hazardous conditions

Other activities

  • Special Projects & Consulting: HLS academy establishment, special unit establishment, turnkey security solutions, C4I operations and recruitment centers set-up